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If you are interested in Por-15 dealer information, please contact us at dealerinfo@mmsrestore.net

In 1992, Multi Media Stripping was established to solve environmental problems associated with chemical stripping and sandblasting now present throughout the industry. Multi Media Stripping's environmentally efficient 12,000 sq. ft. facility is one of the largest in the tri-state area.

Along with various surface preparation techniques, Multi Media Stripping is introducing a technology known as Plastic Media Blasting (PMB). With PMB paint, coatings and contaminants are stripped quickly and thoroughly from a surface. Projects that once took hours or even days to complete now take only minutes. The result: A smooth, clean, unmarred surface ready for recoating.

Multi Media Stripping has proven to be a leader in surface preparation. We are pledged to creativity and achieving our goal of meeting the needs of our customers.

If your restoration involves any kind of surface conditioning, treatment, or coating removal you should consider the advantages and benefits of Multi Media Stripping, Inc.

Jaguar - Example of glass bead blasting & aluminum stripping (hood)

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